Graffiti Removal Program

Burwood Neighbourhood House can assist you with the loan of their graffiti removal kit.​

Do you have a problem with Graffiti attacks on your property?  Burwood Neighbourhood House can help you with the removal of Graffiti. We can loan you our Graffiti Removal Kit which comes with an instructional DVD.  ( A bond and identification is required for the use of the kit)  To enquire about a loan of the Graffiti Removal Kit, please contact us using the from below.

 Preventing Graffiti Attacks:

 Light coloured walls, laneways, and fences can often attract vandalism and graffiti attacks. Keeping your property well-maintained by making it less attractive to vandals can help reduce the vandalism. Using an anti graffiti coat over your exterior walls and fences can help make clean up of graffiti easier.  You can also plant spiky, tall plants in front of walls and fences to help deter graffiti vandals. Where appropriate, sensor lighting can be a good deterrent.